Review: The NEW Body by Victoria

I am freshly returned from our Bra Summit, where I got to hear everyone’s thoughts about the different BBV styles. I discussed this line in my last post, and I’ll add more information now.


All new!

Changes to the entire line include the ballet back. If you wanted, you could wear this bra with a leotard and it wouldn’t show, yet still give support. In fact, the new BBV gives more support in the back. For non-dancing women without leotards in their daily wardrobe, this means that you could wear this bra with more outfits than with the old BBV bra because the new ones allow lower backlines while showing less back fat.

Softer fabric. BBV already had brushed fabric with an extremely soft hand, but the new BBV bra fabric is even softer. One associate thought the straps of other VS bras dug in to her shoulder, but that the new BBV straps did not.

The Demi. Many gals who normally choose other styles were pleasantly surprised that they liked this demi. They liked the flexibility the demi provided as an all occasion bra with the convertible straps.

The Push-Up. The company says the foam in the old BBV was criticized for being dense and therefore heavy when compared to the other bras. The new BBV has lighter weight foam that performs and lasts just as well as the old foam.

The Wireless. I heard one bra specialist call this her ‘after work bra.’ On top of wireless comfort, this bra gives cleavage and lift without thick foam. Customers are glad to see the BBV Wireless return.

The Perfect Shape. I think of this as a cross between a push-up and perfect coverage bra. Most associates in our store chose this as their new favorite bra over the other new BBV bras. The push-up is small, yet enough to notice.

BBV still has Front-Close Racerback, Perfect Coverage, and Multi-Way. We will be getting an Unlined Demi as well.

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8 Responses to Review: The NEW Body by Victoria

  1. Eric says:

    Going to get Perfect Shape today. A little push up is always nice. Excited to try it out as I love BBV!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Two questions:
    1) Do you know if the Perfect Shape will later come out in more sizes? It does not come in my size and I am a tad disappointed because it seems so nice!
    2) Is there any way that you can show us how to use the new convertible back?

    • VSJulia says:

      I’ll work on #2, and ask about #1. I suspect that Perfect Shape will expand once it is proven to be a winner with the company. That is what happened with the Very Sexy bra and the Fabulous. After a test run, both lines were expanded and diversified.

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  4. Renee Vespa says:

    I am very disappointed in the thinner, skimpier straps on the Body By Victoria bra line. I loved my old bras, and went to buy some new ones, only to find the straps are not nearly as substantial. If I wanted thin, cheap straps, I would buy a cheap bra!

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