The New Body by Victoria line

body by victoria wireless bra

the new body by victoria wireless bra

The Body by Victoria bra collection was re-worked and has launched in stores! I present the new stuff in no particular order:

new bbv 4 hooksPadded back closure. It’s definitely more padded. If I wear this bra and lean back against a hard wooden chair, I do not feel the clasps.

Four sets (4″) of hooks and eyes. I don’t really see the good in this unless there’s going to be a large weight change (up or down) within two years, the suggested lifetime of any VS bra.

new bbv clasp

Convertible straps. I like versatility, and the plastic closure won’t lead to a big ‘ack! how cold!’ reaction the way a metal closure might. Like the Angel Fantasies bra, the adjustable length is located on the back of the straps and will affect the very short and very tall wearer.

new bbv charm

Keyhole at the center gore. In the present time, the keyhole will designate the age of your bra and be purely cosmetic. The wireless bra has no keyhole. The charm got a little update.

The double lined band/wings. The sides of the bra have double the fabric now. I liken this to the difference between standard PINK bras and the Campus bra — more finish work is a good thing. Back fat due to pinching bands will be diminished with this bra; the company’s term for this effect is “smooth your look.”

The new lace. Like the keyhole, this touch on the cups and wings is purely cosmetic and will serve to age your bra. With body conscious clothing such as camis, this lace is visible.

I have the new Body by Victoria Wireless bra. It gives superb lift. Even without a push, I think I look fantastic in it. No wire means comfort.

The matching cheekini is made of very soft fabric and the lace matches the bras. There is definite elastic “pinching” at the waistline and the leg opening, but it’s not a sharp pinching. Certainly more pinching than the “raw edge technology” of other VS panties, but I believe I get a smooth look and feel very secure, especially when wearing pants over this panty. I do not have discomfort or even detect the lace when sitting against it.

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2 Responses to The New Body by Victoria line

  1. Eric says:

    I cannot wait to try this bra out!

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