Review: Fabulous Bra

The Fabulous Bra launched in stores as a DEMI, PUSH-UP, and MULTI-WAY!

It is the launch of the season, and will last about one month long. I tried on all three styles in the fitting room to prepare for the launch. I have a different opinion than I did last year because each of the three styles is different from each other, and they each fit me differently.

Overall, the Fabulous bra has new fabrics, foils, embellishments, and lace slings and is available in a wider size range than earlier. The three pleats, placement of the cream padding, and center charm remain the same. The strap is wider at the top of the shoulder, so adjusting the strap can be more difficult than with other bras — that is an intentional design.

All styles of the Fabulous are touted as having a lightweight cream, with the advantage of your body temperature causing the cream to move to fit your shape. The cream itself may be light, but the cups of the Fabulous are heavy, including the Demi style.

As with the last time, the 32 band seemed too small. I had our bra specialist measure me to see if I was in the proper size bra. I ended up wearing a different size for the different styles.

The Fabulous Demi bra. This is a new bra. The Demi is lightly padded evenly on the cup. It’s almost a balconet with the flat neckline. The wire on the Demi bra cup cut into my sides and rises very high at the center gore. Other associates agreed that the cup seemed too high for comfort. I tried the sized I measured at and the sister size. I thought it might be the bra for me.

The Fabulous Push-Up bra. Last year, one associate believed that she looked very round in the push-up, like a Shape 4. When I tried on a 32B, I saw the same effect. The Fabulous Push-up is recommended for Shapes 1 and 3. Although I am a Shape 3, I felt that it was not flattering on me. I looked better in the Demi. With it’s “normal” length underwire and cream padding, offers extreme lift.

The Fabulous Multi-Way. The Fabulous Multi-Way is another new bra in the line. The cups on the Multi-Way 32B were too small. I tried on the 34A after I had the bra specialist add her opinion on sizing, with the band as tight as it could go. Pretty odd, since I usually go for smaller sizes in the multi-way for extra security — I don’t want my strapless bra to move up or down on me. Once I tried on the 34A, I was that it was the proper size for my body, and this was the bra for me. The cups are not nearly as tall and the underwire is shorter than the other two styles above. The no-slip edge on the band was especially secure feeling, which I loved. As one manager said, multi-ways can leave wiggle room when you’re smaller, but not this one. Just like the Fabulous Push-Up, you are pushed in and up for a moderate amount of lift. 

This line includes a Perfect Coverage bra, which is carried online. See your store for an iPad order with free shipping to your house.

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6 Responses to Review: Fabulous Bra

  1. Michelle says:

    Do you know if VS will start to carry Fabulous in 32A in stores? Is this a permanent line then?

    • VSJulia says:

      Hi, Michelle. Thank you for visiting my blog. Fabulous is a permanent line now. Only the Multi-way comes in a 32A; it should be in stores now.

  2. talisha says:

    Hello I am a 40d and I normally get a 38dd my sister size. I got the demi fabulous as I already own the push up. I wanted to try my other sister size 36ddd . It seems as though I have on a push up bra and im not sure if it is suppose to look like this. I also think I should have brought a 38ddd bc the 36ddd the band seems a tad bit tight. I looked on the site with the girl wearing the demi and if I am not mistaken it is suppose to give some lift. I wish I could send you a picture

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  5. Sophia says:

    Hey! I recently fell in love with the Incredible Demi but not enough colors online… Was looking at Fabulous demi and wondering if they were similar in your opinion or if they are totally different. Hoping for a similar fit in the Fab so I can get some colors I like. Thanks!

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