Review: Body by Victoria bras

bbvBody by Victoria (BBV) bras are the most popular bra style for many reasons. The most notable feature of the BBV is the brushed, dual stretch fabric straps and cups — very comfy. Many people recognize it by the lace on the thick strap and the bow on the center gore. Since it’s launch 13 years ago, the line has evolved to include six styles:

  1. Push-Up
  2. Demi
  3. Front-close Racerback
  4. Perfect Coverage
  5. Multi-way
  6. Wireless

All six styles have Memory Fit technology that responds to temperature. This means that the cups will always mold to your shape. I’ve been unimpressed with the ‘blah’ colors of the line — I always wondered if the smooth, brushed fabric had a “muting effect” on dyes. On the other hand, I was impressed this year’s new Lace BBV launch. The bra now comes in lace and smooth in all six styles. The lace has become such a popular choice that new lace and embroidery will be coming in 2013.

I quickly got a Front-close Racerback when it launched early last year. It was one of my first employee bra purchases and is a great bra to wear while traveling. I slept on a plane and in a car and sat in a waiting area, etc. for hours on end for the holidays and didn’t feel achy or poked, despite the presence of an underwire. I’ve read that BBV will have DDD cups in the Demi and Perfect Coverage in 2013!

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